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About the CRCA

  • What We Believe +

    Most of what we believe we hold in common with the Christian church Read More
  • History of the CRCA +

    The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA) includes over fifty congregations across Australia Read More
  • What is Reformed? +

    Reformed churches identify with the protestant reformation – a movement in the 1500-1600s – which Read More
  • What is “Christian”? +

    Deep within there is a stirring, right at the core of our being. Read More
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News & Views

Catalyst - The CRCA at work through workgroups & local churches

  • Catalyst June/July – Download now!

    The latest edition of Catalyst is ready for download! Click here to download the latest issue. In this issue: we hear the voices of three South African migrants sharing their stories and offering their advice on how to make the move to Australia Zac Hicks, music pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church shares an excellent review of Hillsong’s latest album No Other Name. A must read! This issue will be great reading for any church with South African attenders. It Read More
  • Great Feedback!

    So, I was in the middle of one of those irritating jobs where you have to back and forth to get something sorted, and my phone rang. I noticed the number was someone local, but no one in my contact list. Just for a moment I thought ‘send it to message bank…’ Pushing that voice aside, I swiped the call open, “Hi, it’s Dave…” It turned out to be a woman from one of the Perth CRC congregations, who wanted Read More
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Growing Healthy Churches

  • Revive Us Again! +

    "God our Saviour, ... will you not revive us again?" (Psalm 85:4,6)   This prayer of the sons of Korah is the cry of my heart!   I long for the great awakenings that marked the 18th and 19th centuries in America and Europe.   Recently Read More
  • Getting Radical +

    Are you ready for an experiment? A radical experiment? An experiment that will turn your life upside down? In one year? And not just you -- your church as well? Well, pick up a copy of David Platt's book Radical and Read More
  • Exploring Future Ministries +

    It was very encouraging to gather with over 30 people from across Australia, New Zealand, and Solomon Islands to explore future ministries. This happened 22-24 October in Geelong, at the Reformed Theological College(RTC). The conference delivered what it promised. It Read More
  • Part-time Ministry Worker Needed +

    Read More
  • The Heart is the Target +

    There is real danger when you simply "hear the Word of God" but don't do it. The apostle James warned about this (James 1:22-25). When people listen to sermons, they do not only need some truth to believe but they Read More
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Upcoming Events

26 - 28 November 2014

Melbourne City Conference Centre

Multiply Church Planting Conference

Three days of great teaching, master classes, practical breakout seminars, one-to-one input and Q&A Sessions.

Sponsored by The Geneva Push.

For more information and to register go to http://www.multiply14.com/

Event Calendar

The CRCA A Church Reforming to Reach the Lost for Christ

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