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About the CRCA

  • What We Believe +

    Most of what we believe we hold in common with the Christian church Read More
  • History of the CRCA +

    The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA) includes over fifty congregations across Australia Read More
  • What is Reformed? +

    Reformed churches identify with the protestant reformation – a movement in the 1500-1600s – which Read More
  • What is “Christian”? +

    Deep within there is a stirring, right at the core of our being. Read More
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News & Views

Discipleship Matrix

  • Are you exploring the Christian faith or considering what steps God might want you to take to move ahead as you follow him? Check out the Discipleship Matrix
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  • Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting People with Jesus

    Connecting people with Jesus.   This is the story of Wilson Christian Church, a CRCA church plant by the Willetton Christian Church.  Wilson has been supported

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  • Deed Missionary Needed

    Deed Missionary Needed

    The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia through the Solomon Islands Workgroup are looking for applicants for the position of Deed Missionary for our SWIM base

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  • Pastoral Ministry

    Pastoral Ministry

    A new team-taught unit designed to equip students preparing for ordained ministry in a Reformed church. Also an excellent inservice training option for elders, potential

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  • SWIM March Newsletter

    SWIM March Newsletter

    We start 2016 with thankfulness to answered prayers for our health, the sale of our home, the cross-cultural training course, packing of our furniture and

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  • NCLS 2016 Church Life Survey

    NCLS 2016 Church Life Survey

    The National Church Life Survey is a research project that has taken place every five years in Australia for more than twenty years: 1991, 1996,

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  • The Invisible War

    The Invisible War

    Close to twenty CRCA leaders -- pastors and wives -- attended the Multiply16 conference put on by The Geneva Push church planting network.   The theme this year

    Read More
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Growing Healthy Churches

  • Beautiful Views +

    From 4-7 April seventy-one CRCA pastors, ministry workers, and their spouses gathered together for Recharge 2016.   It was a beautiful view!   As Peter Adam reminded us, Read More
  • Lifted Up +

    Most everybody has heard of Amazon! Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos built Amazon from a small online bookseller to a retail giant. In a recent article in Read More
  • The CRCA: Increasing Health! +

    Recently I went through a Cardiac Computed Tomography(CT) Scan.   Sounds complicated, but really it is not!   Doctors used x-rays to take a bunch of detailed pictures of Read More
  • As You Go +

    Making disciples has always been a hot topic for me. David Watson's book on world-changing discipleship, Called and Committed, changed my thinking back in the Read More
  • A Big View of Redemption +

    Have you heard of Cardinal Borromeo? A story is told by Abraham Kuyper when he gave the Stone Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1898. Read More
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